Who is Anton Arbring?

A Swedish software engineer in love with visualization of data in any number of dimensions and developing great user experiences. I have a Master's degree in Media Technology and Computer Science from Linköping University (2015).

On the typical workday you'll find me at Cisco Systems in Oslo, developing the user interface of the next generation video collaboration endpoints, mainly using the Qt framework. I've worked in a number of projects in integrating our products with the internet of everything through the internal C++ model to a JSON/XML API while also diving into related areas such as the web and machine learning.

I am dedicated to deliver world class products with an intuitive look and feel. I continuously try to challenge myself in using new technologies and I strongly believe that being committed to the product while not backing down from learning new things is the key to success.


Stuff I've done

The wall of pride

Previous stuff

Towards the end of my studies, in conjunction with my Master's Thesis, I did a 6 month internship at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City working on the open source space visualization tool OpenSpace. In collaboration with NASA and ESA, I worked on visualizing space missions such as New Horizons flyby of Pluto and Rosettas examination of the comet 67p, using primarily C++ and OpenGL in combination with SPICE data kernels provided by the space organizations.

Other projects I've worked on include an Android app for time reporting for consultants, an open source Qt C++ Gui to test TV drivers in Unix systems, a veryity web based applications using technologies and libraries such as WebGL, D3.js, Three JS, Angular JS, JQuery, Slim, Webaudio, Bootstrap and a number of public API's. I am also comfortable with Adobe creative suite and have done 3D modeling and animation with 3DS MAX, Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects.

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Android & Desktop applications - Tson // qv4l2

Web GL Visualizations of collitions // Sound

Hackaton winner // Information visualization

Social web sites - Insiders // Movit


Want to know more?

Here is my resume, do not hesitate to get in touch!